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Alas, our glamorous Continental city-break was not meant to be. The plan had been to get a ride from Simon’s father to Kortemark in Belgium, where he was going to visit friends, then catch the train to Amsterdam. He had to cancel the night before we were meant to leave due to a sad family emergency, and booking ferry or Eurostar tickets with one day’s notice would have been punitively expensive. So we ended up paying full price for a hotel reservation we never used. BUM.

We decided to go to Simon’s dad’s house in Wales instead. Friday morning, as we were packing up the last our our stuff, he rang to tell us that the access road was a sheet of ice and we’d never get through. DOUBLE BUM. In two steps we’d gone from a mini-break in Amsterdam to no break at all. I was VERY CROSS.

Simon, however, is much more resourceful than I am, and came up with the idea of getting some snow chains for the car. Of course, this is not as easy in England as it is in Canada, where you can get snow chains at 7-11, and he had to ring round a bit before he found one place that had a set of chains that would probably fit his car. In Dunstable. So we had to make a rather large detour, via Luton, which never fails to surprise me with its awfulness. (I’m sorry Luton, but you truly are ghastly.) Simon put the chains in the boot, handed me the instructions and told me to memorise them since we’d probably have to install them in the dark. THIS COULD ONLY GO WELL. It didn’t help that when we rang Simon’s dad to tell him about the big snow-chains idea, he couldn’t stop laughing. The backup plan was to abandon the car where the road started to get dodgy and carry our stuff to the house. In the dark, over ice.

Anyway, after all the drama, it turned out the ice had melted just enough to let us get there without the chains, though there were a few scary slidey moments going up the hill. And in the end we had a lovely time, cooking, going for a brisk walk, reading a lot (me) and watching a lot of sport on the telly (Simon).

On Monday we had tickets to see the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, and we did a whole day in London: sushi lunch, the Tate, a couple of hours in the pub, dinner at a really nice Spanish restaurant, then the gig. It turns out that I’m too old for a whole day in London THEN a gig. It also turns out that when I’m not being one of those drunk assholes in the audience who screams and jumps around a lot, I really, really hate those drunk assholes in the audience who scream and jump around a lot. Halfway through the show I couldn’t take being shoved anymore and went up to the mezzanine, where people where enjoying the music like grown-ups and even sitting down.

On the plus side, Simon bought me the coolest band T-shirt IN THE WORLD:

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion T-shirt

RAWWWR! So overall, we’ll call the weekend a win.

New printable bookmarks – six 1910s fashion illustrations. Click here to view on Etsy.

1910s FASHION PARADE Bookmarks Digital Collage Sheet - no. 0203

1910s FASHION PARADE Bookmarks Digital Collage Sheet - no. 0203

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