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New coupon codes, and printable Christmas gift tags

I’ve set up some new coupon codes in my Etsy shop – buy multiple sheets and save! Enter the following coupon codes at checkout:

Buy 3 collage sheets and get 10% off: PROMO3X10
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While you’re at it, why not pick up some printable Christmas gift tags? Pay once and print again and again. Eight large printable tags measuring 2.3″x3.8″. Click here to view in my Etsy shop, or click here to view in the Rowan Tree Design instant download shop.

We’ve been crying now for much too long

1. At this point, I’m mostly sticking with the internet dating thing for the lolz. Recent highlights include an expression of interest from a guy who had listed ‘hygiene’ as one of his hobbies (OMG me too!!! Soap, right???) and this guy:


“Sorry to ask” – excellent. In retrospect I wish I’d strung him along a bit more, because now I’m dying to know which response he was hoping for. Would me being bisexual have been a titillation or a turnoff?

2. I feel compelled to read all of Sophie Hannah’s books even though they piss me off. Her thrillers constantly get slaveringly positive reviews, and I’ll concede that they’re very page-turny, but as far as the nuts and bolts of writing are concerned I don’t think she’s any great shakes. Her dialogue is poor – she falls into the trap of writing dialogue in full, complex sentences. No one talks this way. People mostly speak in short, choppy phrases. Having your characters speak in long, convoluted sentences makes it sound like they’re in a Jacobean play. And her whole plotting schtick is these extremely bizarre setups, which would be fine if the final resolutions were satisfactory, but to me they’re just not – they tend to hinge on characters doing things that no human being would ever do. For example (mild spoilers, if you’re planning to read any of her books), the resolution of one book involves a couple regularly referring to a house they want to buy by the address of the house next door as an in-joke nickname following some sort of mix-up. Eh?? HILARIOUS. Another plot point hinges on two people arranging to meet at 11:11 on the 11th of November, which a detective decides is ‘flirty’. Yes, because nothing is sexier than arranging a romantic rendezvous on the exact anniversary of the First World War armistice. Wearing nothing but a poppy and a gas mask, right? Phwoarrr.

3. Everyone loves detective dramas, and everyone loves period dramas, so why oh why isn’t there a show about the Pinkertons?? Someone make this happen, please. There have been Pinkerton-related storylines in Boardwalk Empire, Ripper Street, Penny Dreadful, and Deadwood, just off the top of my head. The whole ‘detective agency case files’ premise is a plotting cornucopia. Someone is seriously missing a trick here.

(Whoa, maybe it hasn’t happened because the Pinkerton Agency still exists, creepy logo and all. Did you know that? I did not know that. How I would love to have a rifle through their filing cabinets.)

4. Latest collage sheet: Old Houses printable 4″x2″ labels – ideal for DIY wine labels. Click here to view on Etsy or here to view on Rowan Tree Design.