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A walk through Cambridge, and Sugar Skull necklaces

Another day out last Saturday, this time in Cambridge. All photos were run through a cross-processing filter following this tutorial.

Walk through Cambridge

Sheep’s Green bridge. We parked near Newnham Road and walked up across the Fen Causeway through Coe Fen.

Walk through Cambridge

At the Mill Pond. This scene could not be more CAMBRIDGE.

Walk through Cambridge

Window shopping.

Walk through Cambridge

A totem pole at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. The museum is in a lovely building and has a nice little collection.

Walk through Cambridge

Walk through Cambridge

Roman glass. I love the iridescent sheen on the bottles.

Walk through Cambridge

Walk through Cambridge

I like the silhouette of this house on Trumpington Street – very Flemish.

Walk through Cambridge

COOOS! This is back at Sheep’s Green. (Obviously a misnomer.) Cows roam freely through the greens in central Cambridge. With a system of fences and cow-proof gates, of course. Otherwise it would be anarchy. It’s nice, barring the poo, and they only very rarely trample someone.

I’ve started a new line of Sugar Skull designs on Zazzle. Check out the Day of the Dead section in my Zazzle shop to view:

Sugar Skull #1 - necklace

Sugar Skull #2 - necklace

Sugar Skull #3 - necklace

Sugar Skull #4 - necklace

New printable art – Calavera Catrina


(Sorry for the crap photo.) New local ephemera, featuring casual racism and baffling incomprehensibility! Several of these things appeared in the pub recently for some mysterious reason. I know the guy by sight – he’s a curmudgeonly bar-propper-upper sort. I figured his mates had done the posters as a birthday wind-up or something, but apparently he brought them in himself. They’re laminated and everything, so he means business. But what business does he mean? Is…this…a real effort…to pick up women? Dear God please tell me it isn’t.

2. YUM

This is a picture of one of two Vietnamese coriander plants living on my kitchen windowsill. They are amazing.

I have tried and tried and tried to grow regular coriander with no joy. I’ve bought it in pots and I’ve grown it from seed, planted it outside and kept it indoors, watered lots, watered sparingly, used rich compost, used light sandy soil (in a box, with a fox), but somehow it just doesn’t thrive – gets all yellow and shriveled and eventually dies. But THIS stuff, holy cow. I do nothing but water it, and it grows like it’s getting paid to. The taste is like regular coriander, but sharper and more citrus-y. I rob at least a dozen huge leaves from these plants every week and you can’t even tell. If you like having fresh coriander on hand for your Asian noms, I would highly recommend getting one of these. Unless you’re one of those people who can grow regular coriander like a champ, in which case AREN’T YOU SPECIAL.

3. NEW!

Here’s a new 4x6in printable graphic – Calavera Catrina, inspired by the elegant skull ladies found in Day of the Dead celebrations. Click here to view on Etsy.

Calavera Catrina - printable digital art

Folksy Friday: sugar skullduggery!

Mexico has indisputably produced some of the awesomest stuff in the world. For starters, Dia de los Muertos, the Loteria, Santa Muerte, the Hernandez Bros, lucha libre, burritos, Cesar Millan, and Salma Hayek’s bosom (AhWOOOOga!). Not to mention the Aztecs, who sacrificed people on top of giant pyramids, ripped out their still-beating hearts and offered them to the sun god. (I bet the sun god was all, “Always with the still-beating hearts! A box of chocolates would be nice, for ONCE.”) That is just SO heavy metal. My number two dream holiday (after a trip on the Trans-Siberian railway) would be a tour of Mexico culminating in a big Day of the Dead street party. SOMEDAY.

In honour of the upcoming DotD, I’ve made a new collage sheet of sugar skulls. These are my own original designs – I drew the skull outlines in Illustrator, then added the colours, textures and patterns in Photoshop (using lots of free Photoshop brushes from the fabulous Brusheezy). The circles measure 2.25”, perfect for pocket mirrors, magnets, stickers or large pendants. If you’d like these circles in a smaller size, just ask! Visit my Etsy shop or my Folksy shop for details.

Collage sheet: Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls
Collage sheet: Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls
Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

My Folksy Friday treasury this week (which I’m posting on THURSDAY because I’m an anarchist) features some ultra-cool sugar skull themed accessories and various hoo-ha from other Folksy sellers. If I only had some dosh, I would own ALL this stuff, yo.

Dia de los Muertos Pretty Skull Resin Brooch, by PennyDog Jewellery Mexican Sugar Skull Card, by Voodoo Kiss
Painted Sugar Skull Ring, by Adore y la Muerto Day of the Dead Skull Scrabble Tile Pendant, by PendantPixie
Customised Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Tattoo Necklace, by KittyPink Pink Sugar Skull, by Kelly Merrell Designs
Sugar Skull Headband Dia de los Muertos, by Janine Basil embroidered sugar skulls fabric coasters, by fiona t