Miscellaneous topics

Printable digital collage sheet featuring bloody fingerprints - perfect for crafting involving detectives and murder mysteries. Both 1.5in circles and 1in circles are available for download. Treat yourself to some graphic indulgence!

A set of eight large printable nautical gift tags with a scuffed vintage effect. Each tag measures 2.3"x3.8". These printable tags feature nautical images including anchors, compasses, stars, lighthouses, seahorses, sailboats, lighthouses and life preservers. Treat yourself to some graphic…

Vintage pen-and-ink ephemera on blue-green backgrounds - animals, seashells, steampunk diagrams, objects and people. 28 ovals measuring 30mm x 40mm. Treat yourself to some graphic indulgence!

Designed digital collage sheet featuring medieval woodcuts - men and ladies, animals, demons and more. Treat yourself to some graphic indulgence! Both 1.5" and 1" circles are included with download.

Printable collage sheet. Blood-stained vintage ephemera. 1" circles - ideal for pendant jewellery.

Printable collage sheet. Vintage images of telegrams, digitally embellished, in green and sepia tones.

Printable collage sheet. Gothic images of death and mortality in grey and black.

Printable collage sheet. Vintage art nouveau designs in neutral cream and ecru.

Printable art image featuring a vintage anatomical heart. Original digital art - great for cardmaking and framing.