Nature – animals, flowers

Print your own bookmarks! Four printable bookmarks featuring circular floral embellishments on vintage text backgrounds. Each bookmark measures 2"x6". These would make great gifts for the book-lover in your life - just print, cut and give. Treat yourself to some…

Printable collage sheet - snowy winter landscapes on blue backgrounds. Each image measures 4"x2" - ideal for DIY Christmas gift tags. Treat yourself to some graphic indulgence!

A collage sheet of octopus and squid on vivid blue-green marine backgrounds. Octopus images were sourced from vintage scientific illustrations by Ewald Rübsamen and others. These 30x40mm printable ovals are ideal for pendant jewellery. Treat yourself to some graphic indulgence!

Digital collage sheet featuring silhouettes of birds on wires against grungy sky-blue backgrounds. Both 1.5in and 1in circles are included. These images are ideal for tile pendants, magnets, buttons or stickers. Treat yourself to some graphic indulgence!

Printable collage sheet featuring starry constellations on grungy midnight-blue skies. Both 1.5" and 1" squares are available for download. These images are great for pendant jewellery. Treat yourself to some graphic indulgence!

Soft butterfly silhouettes on rustic paper backgrounds with pastel polka dots. Just download and print - use these images for handmade greeting cards, gift tags, decoupage, altered art, or anything you can dream up. Image size is 2.5"x3.5". Treat yourself…

Printable collage sheet. Vintage illustrations of birds in black and white. Ideal for domino tile pendants.

Printable collage sheet. Floral designs in neutral cream and ecru. Both 1.5" and 1" circles are included with purchase.

Printable collage sheet. Bright summer flowers with digital enhancements. 1"x3" images - perfect for microscope slide jewellery.