Steampunk, mechanical

Printable art image. A tentacled steampunk mermaid - original digital collage art. Great for cardmaking or framing.

Printable art image. A vintage Victorian lady with mechanical steampunk embellishments. Great for cardmaking or framing.

Printable collage sheet. Victorian ladies with silhouetted gear backgrounds.

Printable collage sheet. Victorian men and women with mechanical diagrams.

Printable collage sheet. Vintage ladies with mechanical embellishments. Large 2.25" circles - ideal for pocket mirrors.

Printable collage sheets. Vintage images of hot air balloons on sky-blue backgrounds. Perfect for cardmaking or scrapbooking.

Printable tags and bookmark. Victorian ladies with mechanical steampunk elements. Tags measure 2"x4", bookmark 1.5"x6.2".

Printable collage sheet. Vintage clocks and clock mechanical diagrams on textured sepia backgrounds.

Printable collage sheet. Vintage mechanical and scientific diagrams on textured acid-green backgrounds. Image print size is 1"x3" - great for microscope slide pendants.