Small rectangles

Naughty, rude words and sayings in grungy graffiti style: includes bitch, freak, psycho, punk, creep, badass, bite me, wanker, anarchy, shut up and more. These 3"x1" images are ideal for microscope slide jewellery. Treat yourself to some graphic indulgence!

Printable collage sheet featuring quotes from famous poems on blue 2"x1" backgrounds.

Printable collage sheet. Vintage illustrations of birds in black and white. Ideal for domino tile pendants.

Printable collage sheet. A lexicon of dark, morbid, spooky words - great for Halloween crafts!

Printable collage sheet. City skylines, digitally embellished.

Printable collage sheet. Bright summer flowers with digital enhancements. 1"x3" images - perfect for microscope slide jewellery.

Printable collage sheet. Retro motels from vintage postcards, digitally embellished.

Printable collage sheet. Vintage images of buildings and architecture in grey and black.

Printable collage sheet. Gothic images of death and mortality in grey and black.